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Candle Magick Starter Class

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Candle Magick Starter Class

The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village

Students will discover this easy and simple, yet powerful, form of magick. Attendees will explore the wide variety of candle types, oils, herbs, and other magickal additions that can be used. Learn to create your own candle spells and perform a special group candle spell.

Topics Covered

  • What is candle magick?
  • Magick of candle colours
  • Different types and shapes of candles.
  • Magick of essential oils and herbs with candle magick
  • Adding extra magick to your candles
  • The steps in successful candle magick
  • Things to consider before you cast a spell
  • The right timing of your spells
  • How to add extra energy to your spells
  • Candle divination and after you cast


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