Tarot Master Class Package w/ James Jacob Pierri

The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village
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This 4 part series covers the metaphysical and artistic histories of The Tarot. Exploration of Major & Minor Arcanas. The foundations and practice of The Tarot in Astrology & Magic. Classes begin with a mediation to warm up intuition and heighten psychic insight This 4 part Master class is ideal for the Tarot enthusiast wanting to expand their knowledge and use of The Tarot in new ways. The curriculum covers lots of Tarot detail for personal, metaphysical and professional use. Ideal for both beginners to gain a hefty insight on the subjects involved and for seasoned or professional Tarot readers to incorporate different methods into their current practice.

Part 1 - Introduction to Tarot History including the Mystical and factual histories - Exploring The Major Arcana and the Divine qualities and associations - Getting a complete picture of The Major Arcana as a divination device it - Tarot Spells -

Part 2 - Explores the Minor Arcana in detail - Becoming familiar with the four families & dynamics of the individual characters - Understand why these cards become the people, places, things and actions in readings - Correlating The Minor Arcana Cards to Seasons, elements and more.

Part 3 ( Hour 1 Major Arcana, Hour 2 Minor Arcana) - Tarot & Astrology - Brief introduction to Astrology - How, why & where Astrology is / can be applied to Tarot.

Part 4 - Tarot & Magic - Delving into the history of Magic with Tarot as talismans, etc - Astrological hours: What it is, how to construct it and use it - Tarot Spells - Tarot meditations for clearer psychic vision and heighten intuition

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Tarot Master Class Package w/ James Jacob Pierri

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